Who is Shape?

Shape Group Limited was formed by Still Limited in 2021 to build an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in smart, connected, enduring and sustainable infrastructure. We provide a full-service range including engineer, design, build, operate, finance, and maintain infrastructure assets in all the markets we operate.

We are drawn to brave leadership, small teams, and innovative projects. We like the grey areas, the unknowns, and finding new solutions that take time to percolate. We seek solutions for our clients that are unavailable to them elsewhere. We use the latest in infra-technology to deliver top-level products and services to our customers in every field we pursue.

We enjoy creating great big change from many interrelated little acts. It is for this reason that we take on projects that are big, small, and everything in between. The focus of our vision is narrow, so we may deeply penetrate the markets into which we serve. This focus allows us to deliver the revolutionary solutions that others cannot.

We work to build upon and improve the existing infrastructure of the clients we work with, bringing the innovative new technology we have developed to new places. The key to improving New Zealand’s infrastructure is to spread our work far and wide.

Shape Group Ltd currently consists of 3 main operating divisions, Shape Projects, Shape Technology, and Shape Energy. Each has unique capabilities, while still being able to draw from each other as needed. That is the strength of the SHAPE Group.

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