Efficient Energy Everywhere.

SHAPE Energy supplies New Zealand businesses with resilient, smart, and reliable integrated energy infrastructure. We provide both power electronics and power generation services.

Power Electronics

SHAPE Energy PE division focuses on the development and manufacture of advanced power electronics technologies, including industrial capacitors and batteries, and UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

Uninterrupted Power Supply

UPS A comprehensive range of UPS systems with associated equipment and services required to provide a complete no break uninterruptible power supply.


Backup power and energy storage technology can both protect your business from outages and save costs. SHAPE battery energy storage systems offer more flexible energy on your terms.

Cooling & HVAC

With high thermal efficiency our heat recovery systems enable generators, air compressors, data centres, and containerised solutions to recapture considerable energy resource. An energy efficient and economical recycling process.


Take control of your energy, fulfil environmental initiatives, or utilise natural renewable resources like solar and wind power. SHAPE Energy is able to design and build a custom microgrid that suits your needs.


Our expertise in solar PV systems means we can hit the ground running with any solar project. SHAPE can provide additional energy storage and system monitoring options, ensuring that you get the most out of your equipment.

Power Generation

SHAPE Energy PG division specialize in power generation equipment, efficient air compressors, and gas generation solutions. Our resilient generators can utilize monitoring technology to ensure significant savings in operation and maintenance.

Air Compressors

Smaller, quieter, and more economical than traditional compressors. SHAPE provides compressors suitable for a range of industries, uses, and environments. Industrial grade, food grade, breathing air, retail and more.

Air Parts

SHAPE carry an extensive range of essential and unique parts, piping, filters, and consumables.


We can design and build; bespoke portable or fixed gas generation solutions at any scale for utility gasses such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and the reclamation of Carbon Dioxide.


Our range of AC and DC generator sets cover a variety of applications, with silenced, open frame and marine configurations available. SHAPE’s reliable and compact single-phase generators provide clean sine wave electricity. Our fully integrated three-phase generators provide optimum performance for standby and prime applications.

Three Phase Generators

SHAPE Energy Diesel generating set is a fully integrated power generation system. Powered by rugged 4-cycle CUMMINS & KUBOTA diesel industrial power units, SHAPE Energy Generating sets provide optimum performance, reliability and versatility for stationary, portable, standby and prime power applications.

Single Phase Generators

Rugged, reliable and compact gensets that provide clean, pure sine wave electricity. Powered by reliable water cooled diesel engines.

Marine Generators

Marine ready AC generating sets – 3kW to 10kW. For marine applications that require 120, 230 or 400V AC we are able to supply compact, sealed all in one gensets suitable for installation below deck.

Hybrid Power Systems

Utilize a combination of traditional generation methods and make the most of resources available to you. Combine renewable generation, resilient diesel generators, and battery energy storage for a resilient and efficient system.

Maintenance & Service

Preventative maintenance plays a critical role in energy resilience, ensuring reliability, minimizing the need for repair, and reducing long-term costs. SHAPE engineers are available nationwide to undertake full maintenance and repairs, with an extensive range of spare parts for air compressors, generators, and power systems.

Free Consultations

SHAPE Energy engineers are available for free consultations.

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