The future of NZ

The Shape of things to come.


Shape our relationship with nature


Shape how we see our infrastructure


Shape the definition of infrastructure success


Shape the way we do business

To Shape projects and infrastructure is to transform, modify, alter or change it.
It can mean the beginning of something exciting, or changing and enhancing of something existing.

We are drawn to brave leadership, small teams and challenging projects

SHAPE was formed to build an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in a full service range including design, build, operate, finance and maintain infrastructure assets in all of the markets we operate.

Formerly Motiv Solutions Ltd, SHAPE Technology specializes in connected infrastructure providing engineered IoT and wireless solutions through a fully integrated stack of hardware, data, and software services allowing our customers to monitor, control, and analyse their assets.

Formerly NUKOR Industries and NUKOR Rentals Ltd, SHAPE Energy is a premier essential service provider to NZ’s leading blue-chip organisations. Our core services include compressed air, power generation, industrial compressed gases and renewable energy systems.

Duncan Chisholm

General Manager

Ive always enjoyed problem solving and have huge admiration for people that not only solve problems but become masters of their trade. There is an elegance in watching someone make something look so effortless. The Shape Technology team are masters at creating hardware and software solutions for our customers that enable them to excel in their industry. Seeing our team in action and the result for the customer is immensely satisfying and I enjoy knowing that our technology plays a part in the industries where our customers are masters of their trade.