Water Metering compliance & Data monitoring Solutions from SHAPE Technology with NZFlow

Compliant solutions for Water metering and Data monitoring are available to the entire New Zealand landscape through SHAPE Technology beginning with partner NZFLow rolling out solutions across the South Island.

SHAPE Technology gives clients involved in water focussed industries within New Zealand guaranteed connectivity via cellular and satellite networks, as well as greater professional insight into compliance data than ever before.

SHAPE Technology is able to provide regulatory compliant water meter data with expert flow reading and insight to the Irrigation, Industrial and Municipal Potable Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Industries.

With comprehensive solutions to the increasing needs of clients, SHAPE Technology look to integrate seamlessly with future asset requirements, without the need to revisit solutions, especially important as New Zealand goes through Three Waters Reform.

Primary Benefits:

    • Compatible with advanced meters
    • Integrated regulatory reporting
    • Meets complex compliance needs
    • Flexible deployment options
    • Connect anywhere using SWARM satellite or Cellular network
    • Secure with end to end encryption

NZFlow are Blue Tick Accredited installers and validators of consented water meters across New Zealand. Having installed hundreds of water meter units in the Canterbury region, NZFlow Group Ltd are a SHAPE Technology verification and servicing partner across the municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors. NZFlow are qualified instrumentation and maintenance professionals. In partnership with NZFlow the Blue Tick accredited solution complies with ECAN (Environment Canterbury) regulatory requirements.

NZFlow’s clients depend on sustainable management of groundwater resources. Managing the recording and reporting of water use data for water consent holders, NZFlow are specialists throughout New Zealand in measurement and monitoring water in a wide range of conditions, including soil moisture, weather & rainfall, well depth, and pond level monitoring. They provide water metering technology, servicing, consultation, data verification, data monitoring and data hosting for remote instrumentation systems.

NZFlow Co-Owner, Steven Beek, has 25 years of experience in water metering and monitoring. Steven’s comprehensive knowledge stems from a working life within municipal water authorities and irrigation companies.

“SHAPE are our avenue for solutions in data, connectivity, and hosting in the New Zealand water monitoring landscape. We are making the most of SHAPE’s access to the SWARM low orbit satellite network providing connection to sites outside of standard coverage. With SHAPE Technology as a partner, we ensure we have the best systems and processes in place to easily meet local council compliance.” – Steven Beek, NZFlow

By working alongside NZFlow and other partners in the field, SHAPE Technology are able to deploy solutions New Zealand wide, giving full access to data management and reporting. After installation, SHAPE Technology provides ongoing engineering support. This allows for better platform utilisation and the ability to expand the number of monitored, and managed assets.

SHAPE Technology is a specialist in designing and building loT (Internet of Things) solutions and have the unique experience and skills required to take assets to a new level of service excellence. SHAPE Technology aligns with their client’s long-term goals for smart asset management. This shift to a full loT service allows clients to focus on growing and expanding operational needs.

Most solutions are reliant on cellular services being present or by building a link to another location this makes systems susceptible to service outages. The key to receiving telemetry data from anywhere is SHAPE Technology’s inclusion of low earth orbit SWARM satellite connectivity, SHAPE Technology offer NZFlow and their customers guaranteed direct licensed network access options without the need for additional networking infrastructure.

With a need for water meter data to be presented in a regulatory compliant format in New Zealand industries SHAPE Technology offers the Industrial Edge Gateway. By monitoring the state of inputs or sending serial commands on a schedule, using SCADA-like polling applications, and responding to digital events SHAPE Technology gives its users flexible control to acquire industrial data. This allows clients to deploy faster, using less specialised resources, all for a lower cost, delivering data applications securely within minutes.

Ongoing data checks are undertaken automatically by the platform, with flagged data being reported to the SHAPE Technology team so that issues can be quickly remedied. SHAPE Technology’s software solution manages all hardware health, network connectivity and data collection from the hardware units in the field via secure loT networks in real time. Data is processed and presented in  dashboards and reporting template formats according to the requirements of local water authorities.

As New Zealand’s premier loT hardware and software full stack solutions provider, SHAPE Technology understand needs, challenges, and desires to improve reliability, reduce cost and increase asset utilisation via remote control and monitoring.

NZFlow’s partnership with SHAPE Technology enables clients guaranteed connectivity. With access to both cellular and satellite networks, the IoT Industrial Edge Gateway collects and monitors compliant data with more insight than ever before.


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