Introducing Powerblok By SHAPE Energy

Introducing Powerblok by SHAPE Energy

Powerblok is a grid-scale battery energy storage system that allows you to better manage your power on site.

The containerised super capacitor battery solution is suitable for peak-load shifting, dynamic capacity increase, peak and frequency regulation on generation side, off-grid standby power and other innovative applications.

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Why is a containerised battery a good idea?

SHAPE Energy has been installing and maintaining critical backup power systems for more than 20 years.

We have learned that site works bring additional costs, hazards, and delays. The solution is to deploy a premanufactured and designed solution to mitigate these additional risks. Our turnkey equipment can be transported to site ready for installation in a matter of weeks.

Whether the Powerblok will be relocated in future, or deployed on site permanently, a Containerised Battery is a cost-effective way of housing your critical equipment, backup power, and switchgear while maximizing quality, safety, efficiency, and maintainability.

Powerblok contains a number of industry leading technologies and design features, including graphene supercapacitors are memoryless with no loss of capacity over partial discharges as is common with traditional battery components. These battery cells are intrinsically safe using non-flammable electrolytes eliminating the danger to thermal runaway.


Powerblok suits applications and industries that require a constant flow of power and high peak loads. Here are a few of the specific conditions where Powerblok can serve your needs:


These are independent power networks that use local, distributed energy resources to provide grid backup or off-grid power to meet local electricity needs. Powerblok is an integral piece of your future microgrid.

The Powerblok Supercapacitor Energy Storage System can be combined with tradition generators or renewable energy methods to create a hybrid power solution for industries like construction, food production, and manufacturing. Utilising Powerblok as part of your microgrid solution gives you an effective way to store and provide clean energy to residential, commercial, industrial, or public services.

Renewable Energy & Energy Arbitrage

Powerblok also makes for a perfect energy arbitraging solution. This allows you to buy, store, and sell energy back to the grid at a premium.

The Powerblok graphene energy storage system will enable the maximum possible use of renewable energy. Powerblok can also be connected to the traditional grid to allow you to beat the system and store energy on your terms. Charge Powerblok at off-peak, cost-effective times for use when you need it.

Powerblok not only enables you to use energy when you want but to control your energy how you want.

Powerblok is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications:

  • Grid Support
  • Grid Efficiency
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Ramp-Up / Fast Frequency Response
  • Flexible Energy Hedge
  • Optimise Energy
  • Fuel Pump alternative – Rapid DC to DC
  • Specific Engineered Solutions
  • Natural Disaster – Emergency Energy
  • Events

Our Capabilities

SHAPE Energy Powerblok modular solutions are turnkey, prefabricated, and purpose-built to be scalable and rapidly deployable either nationally or globally.

Powerblok provides a complete battery solution including power systems, cooling systems, power distribution systems, fire detection and suppression systems, structured cabling, access control, CCTV security systems, lighting, and complete monitoring solutions.

Comprehensive installation and commissioning services are offered during the implementation phase, with full remote and on-site maintenance and support provided for the life of the asset.


Our team is ready to open a discussion with you to understand your requirements, both now and in the future. We ensure the business case for a Powerblok is supported and that the required Return on Investment is achieved. We clarify other performance level requirements such as uptime, security, visibility, etc.


Powerblok is a turnkey solution, with a number of ready to go specifications to suit a wide range of use-cases. Our design phase consists of ensuring the right size system to meet your needs is chosen, and to assess any customised requirement for your Powerblok. During this phase we will complete detailed draft and final design of the physical layout and all technical systems included. Drawings be issued for your comments, feedback, and final acceptance.


Your Powerblok will be built in New Zealand to strict quality control standards. You are welcome to attend construction progress inspections where all aspects of the build are inspected and signed off. Once complete we undertake comprehensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) which you are encouraged to attend and witness.


Once your Powerblok is installed and commissioned at your site, an ongoing proactive maintenance program is implemented to ensure expected performance metrics are exceeded. Powerblok is equipped with our remote real-time monitoring equipment to assist with the proactive response to any potential technical issues.

Contact Us

SHAPE Energy have containerised Blok solutions capable of delivering energy generation, energy storage, data storage, gas generation, compressed air, and more. Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about Powerblok or SHAPE.

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