Who is Shape Technology?

Our exceptional capabilities in the technology and engineering sector comes from Shape Technology and their specialty in connected infrastructure. Shape Technology provides specialist IoT and connectivity solutions with its own integration software and database services, allowing government agencies and blue-chip clients to manage and control their remote infrastructure assets. This also allows for the collection of significant amounts of data that can be used in multiple ways to their clients’ benefit.

The IoT technology used on numerous local councils, New Zealand Transport, and Department of Conservation are hardware and software solutions provided by Shape Technology. These departments have been boosted by our implementation of this technology two-fold, firstly with the greater control it gives them over their existing assets, and secondly with the additional data it provides them, enabling them to make more informed decisions on what projects to undertake next.

Shape Technology has a powerful research and development team who can build new technology solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our goals to provide smart, resilient, clean, and connected technology is furthered by this team keeping us on the cutting edge of the infrastructure field. These solutions are provided to Shape Technology’s clients so that our delivered solutions can reduce costs, power usage, and carbon emissions while delivering powerful results over years to come.

Clients that Shape Technology has partnered with include Waka Kotahi, Auckland Transport, and many Councils around New Zealand to enable remote monitoring and control of critical assets. They have also partnered with Transpower to increase the safety level of their pylon network through climber detection. Shape Technology has also been able to assist in industrial asset process and asset health monitoring for Opal in the Kiwifruit industry. These are just a few of the partners, and a few of the ways that Shape Technology’s solutions have provided value.

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