Who Is Shape Energy?

Furthering our ability to provide leading edge infrastructure technology, Shape Energy are a premier provider of essential services to businesses and industry. The core services provided include compressed air, power generation, industrial gases, and renewable energy systems. Shape Energy specialize in complete turn-key solutions including design-build-maintain options, with simple cost structures that result in long-term repeat customers.

The business has grown to include a successful spare parts business, which adds value for money in an overinflated monopolized parts market, particularly within the compressed air solutions. The spare parts business provides our maintenance services with consumables on hand and enables 3rd party OEM equipment to be serviced without issue by the Shape team, enabling customers to be unlocked from poor incumbent service providers.

Additionally, Shape Energy provides generator and compressor leasing services. These alternate modes of providing solutions gives us the flexibly cater to the needs of our clients. Our client’s immediate, short term and long-term needs are covered by the spaces the group moves in. This flexibility is key to Shape’s success in serving clients such as you.

Shape Energy has secured design-build-maintain contracts with some of NZ’s most prominent blue-chip clients, across a diverse range of market sectors including Rocket Lab, KiwiRail, and Ryman Healthcare to name a few. These companies continue to return to Shape Energy due to their skill in consistently generating robust solutions, particularly in the underserved markets of compressed air and industrial gases.

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