Shape Energy Support Rocket Lab’s Space Aspirations

Shape Energy have been supporting Rocket Lab’s orbital space flight launches by providing generators and compressor units to both their Auckland manufacturing facility and their launch complex on the Mahia Peninsula. The continued maintenance, servicing and upgrade being has been vital to Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1, the first private launch complex for orbital space flights.

The Mahai Peninsula site is licenced for launch every 72 hours for the next 30 years. It is for this reason that Rocket Lab needed a power generation solution that was going to stand up to this frequency of use while having the longevity to last decades. Shape Energy generators provide for both requirements. The generators installed on site have allowed for the launch of 23 Electron small satellite launch vehicles from the site.

As specialists in generator supply, Shape Energy had the capability, capacity and unique experience and skills required to take Rocket Lab’s site to the next level of service excellence, that aligned with their long-term goals for emissions reductions and smart asset management. Additionally, with expertise in maintenance, and servicing the long-term needs of the sites could be meet by Shape Energy’s exceedingly competent staff.

Additionally, with the construction of a second launch pad at the complex, the demands for power by the site have increased. As such, there is potential to upgrade the systems already on site to take advantage of the latest Shape Energy has to offer.

Continuing service is also being provided to Rocket Lab’s manufacturing facilities in Auckland. Generators and air compressors provided by Shape Energy are important to the construction of propellant tanks, stage builds and launch vehicles, as well as the integration of these with engines and avionics. It is the Electron small satellite launch vehicles, built at this site, which allow Rocket Lab to take advantage of the high launch frequency of the Mahai Peninsula site.

The manufacturing processes of the site uses the latest techniques such as 3D metal printing. These modern construction techniques are enabled by the Shape Energy assets on-site Continuity of these processes is vital to Rocket Lab’s manufacturing pipeline, which is why Shape Energy’s focus on the upkeep of these systems has been such a boon to them.

Rocket Lab’s Electron include several innovative design features, from the use of brushless DC electric motors to lithium polymer batteries to power the propellant pumps. Each of these changes reduces the manufacturing costs and adds an amazing level of control not possible with traditional gas-powered turbo pumps. All this allows the Electron to operate at a much lower cost per launch opening space to a new generation of small satellites.

Shape Energy are on a long-term journey with Rocket Lab, delivering first class turnkey services in power, compressed air, and digital solutions, along with a commitment to stand their excellent workmanship through the duration of this partnership. Shape Energy provide renewable energy solutions now and well into the future. As Rocket Lab’s sites and operation grow, so too will the services Shape provide them.

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