Shape Energy Joins the Compressed Air Association of Australasia

Shape Energy has joined the Compressed Air Association of Australasia (CAAA) through a shared vision of promoting health & safety and public awareness of compressed air & gas systems.

The Compressed Air Association of Australasia (CAAA) was established and still listed as one of the divisions under the Air and Mining Equipment Institute of Australasia (AMEI). AMEI was created to support companies primarily in the air and mining industries, namely commercial members. In the late 2000s, Industrial and Commercial members merged into one and became the Compressed Air Association of Australasia (CAAA).

The CAAA has become an industry specific association for businesses, companies or other entities that are actively engaged in the sale, manufacture or import of goods in the Sector in Australia and New Zealand. Its focus has primarily been on the compressed air sector and on piston and rotary screw air compressors and air treatment equipment.

Shape Energy is part of Shape Group Limited, that provide mission critical solutions services to businesses and industry. The core services provided include compressed air, power generation, industrial gases, and renewable energy systems. Additionally, Shape Energy specialize in complete turn-key solutions including design-build-fund-maintain options.

Shape Energy joins the CAAA as an associate member, with a key driver of educating the wide community in the importance of compressed air and gases to critical sectors in New Zealand. Andrew Edwards, Chief Executive of Shape Group, communicates the refreshing approach that Shape Energy brings to the New Zealand engineering and manufacturing industry “Shape Energy joining the CAAA gives us the ability to further educate the wider community of the importance of compressed air and gases within critical sectors in New Zealand.”

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