L&W Partner with Shape Energy

L&W Partner with Shape Energy to Deliver Compressed Breathable Air to the New Zealand Market

Shape Energy and L&W Compressors have come together to supply their high-quality compressors to the New Zealand market. As an authorised distributor of L&W’s full range of products, parts, and accessories, we are now able to offer them to our clients for a variety of applications.

L&W is one of the world’s leading companies in high-pressure plant and equipment. With more than four decades of development and optimisation in their compressors and equipment, L&W deliver excellence for their customers. They have a network of agencies and partners spanning the globe, that we are now proud to be a part of.

L&W have voiced their optimism for this new partnership, and what it would mean for both companies, and their clients in New Zealand. “We believe Shape is more than capable in this arena and will do their upmost to make this alliance work,” said Jerry Ong, L&W Compressor’s Sales and Service Engineer.

Compressed air is core to the operations of our clients. It is the Fourth Utility, as important to continued running as water, electricity, and natural gas. Operating these systems effectively and efficiency can result in increases in productivity and a reduction in costs. This partnership with L&W gives us another tool to use in optimising these systems, on top of our existing work in auditing and optimising compressed air systems.

With the combination of L&W’s products, and Shape Energy’s expert technicians and project / facilities management, New Zealand businesses and organisations can rely on our partnership to deliver them everything they need for compressed air.

This partnership gives us greater capability in delivering Breathing Air equipment. With Breathing Air being key to the Defence, Marine, and Fire Protection Sectors, this new relationship gives us the ability to support these markets in their compressor needs.

We have authorised senior technicians ready to go, installing and maintaining our new line of L&W compressors. Collectively having over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, supporting compressed breathing air systems. With extensive experience using compressed breathable air, we understand the importance of these systems, and are ready to deliver the best on every L&W compressor we install and maintain.


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