Fabrum & SHAPE Energy to Deliver Complete Air to Liquid Nitrogen Solution.

Fabrum partners with SHAPE Energy Ltd to deliver a Complete Air to Liquid Nitrogen Solution.

This relationship will enable both industry leading companies to deliver effective, efficient cryocooler and nitrogen systems to New Zealand industries. Fabrum design and manufacture pulse tube cryocoolers, liquefying gases to efficiently produce cryogenic liquids. SHAPE Energy deliver onsite nitrogen generation systems able to produce gaseous nitrogen.

SHAPE Energy and Fabrum have come together to provide an alternative solution to traditional CAPEX projects. This partnership enables both SHAPE Energy to deliver a containerised, scalable, and modular air to liquid nitrogen solution, allowing clients to use or provide the cryogenic liquid or gas utility, as a service. Nitrogen systems are used in a wide range of applications across various industries from laser cutting and plasma cutting to controlled atmosphere storage and purge gas in the food industry. This only begins to cover the full scope of Nitrogen use cases in New Zealand today.

Maintaining supply without being in control of production or supply chain presents risks to our clients. These are risks are completely mitigated with the installation of a Fabrum cryocooler in partnership with SHAPE Energy. The containerised, contaminant free and reliable solution puts production control of Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Air back in the hands of the industry and our clients.

Fabrum is deep in R&D on renewable energy and have the mind-power and tools ready for what lies ahead. Fabrum & SHAPE Energy clients work with the challenge of finding continuous, cost-effective systems and supply for Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen and Air.

Chris Harper, Solutions Architect at SHAPE Energy describes Fabrum + SHAPE “The strong partnership between Fabrum and SHAPE is an innovative and forward-thinking relationship. We look forward to bringing some very ‘cool’ products to the NZ market.

SHAPE Energy is committed to providing New Zealand with smart, clean, resilient, and connected infrastructure. With nearly 20 years of history SHAPE Energy strive to lead the way as innovators in the efficiency and renewable energy space.

Nigel Bartlett, Global Business Manager at Fabrum describes the relationship as “A focussed collaboration to deliver mission critical solutions to New Zealand as part of our global network of partners. SHAPE and Fabrum share the same values and holistic approach of measuring our success through the success of our customers. We will solve customer mission critical challenges together to enable them able to achieve more, but tread lighter

Fabrum was founded and is based in Christchurch, New Zealand with a clear mission to precision engineer better outcomes through technological excellence, whilst leaving the lightest footprint possible. Over the past two decades Fabrum have worked with some of the biggest names in transport, space, and tech; clients like NASA, Rolls Royce, Siemens, and AirBus to name a few.

This partnership will make it possible for a wide range of New Zealand industries to receive effective, and efficient cryocooler and nitrogen solutions from leading companies SHAPE Energy and Fabrum.


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