Efficient Energy

SHAPE Energy

SHAPE Energy is an agile infrastructure technology company that specialise in off-grid and hybridised power solutions.

SHAPE Energy have the technology and design expertise to ensure consistency in an organisation’s power while lowering carbon footprint and dependency on the grid. SHAPE Energy’s aim is to bring smart, clean, connected, resilient technology to our client’s infrastructure projects.

Products & Services

SHAPE was formed to build an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in a full service range:

• Generators
• Compressed Air
• Microgrid Technology
• Gas Generation
• HVAC & Cooling
• Rentals & Leases
• Servicing & Spare Parts

Our Solution

SHAPE Energy supports and guides clients through their energy journey, we provide a number of potential innovations that enable flexibility and reliability.
Our team has the resources to provide additional value with energy storage and system monitoring options, ensuring that you get the most out of your equipment.
We are confident that by choosing SHAPE Energy you are selecting a premier, New Zealand based systems provider with an excellent track record, capacity, and capability to deliver.

Microgrid Solutions

We provide complete renewable power solutions that serve large scale applications, from huge industrial sites to wider regions looking for independance from grid power.

A microgrid solution enables organisations to reduce energy costs related to continued operations, while also reducing carbon footprint. Microgrid solutions allow location to be based on the needs of a business, rather than where there is power availability.

Power on this scale requires many interconnected systems operating to generate the energy needed to operate cleanly and reliably. Our team of experienced renewables engineers and technicians work to provide a full range of green energy options within our microgrid designs. Including solar, wind, and thermal generation options.

Our electrical engineering team are ready to provide you with a full package of energy reticulation and storage required to get power to your site dependably. Additionally, we have backup and UPS options to further increase the stability of your operations.


Interuptions in electrical power operations can result in significant negative outcomes.
A standby backup emergency generator at your sites allows you to avoid the risk of facing those negative outcomes. Removing the risk of a reduction in ability to delivery critical services to customers, an interruption in essential processes, like refrigeration or server uptime.

Additionally, we have a full range of prime generator options for a wide range of applications. Prime power generators are an ideal way of powering your sites when they are not able to utilise mains power or as a way of allowing you to operate equipment that is well beyond your typical peak load. We are ready to assess your site’s electrical needs to find the right sized generator for your organisation.

In addition to supply and installation of generator sets, we are able to offer full maintenance and servicing options. Our experienced generator technicians are available to provide both preventative and reactive maintenance for your new or existing generators. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 callout service to keep your generator operational through emergency situations.

Compressed Air

Compressed air systems are vital to the operation of many industrial and commercial processes and equipment. It is the fourth utility, as important to smooth running of your business as water, gas, and electricity.

SHAPE Energy provide air compressors and the accompanying systems to provide compressed air across your site that is efficient and effective. We take a whole system approach to compressed air, saving on energy costs while also improving your equipment’s reliability, productivity, and production output.

We have an excellent team of compressed air technicians who are ready to install new compressor equipment on your site. They are also available for preventative and reactive maintenance to keep these systems in peak condition. A part of our maintenance process is complete compressed air system audits, to assess leaks and inefficiencies and correct them before they can develop into bigger issues.


SHAPE Energy’s containerised blok solutions are capable of delivering multiple utilities, energy generation, energy storage, data storage, gas generation, and compressed air.

With a vendor-agnostic approach hardware can be selected to meet unique needs and preferences.

Blok series products are turnkey solutions, and purpose-built to be scalable and rapidly deployable nationally or globally.

SHAPE Energy ensure the business case for a blok solution is supported, clarifying other performance level requirements such as uptime, security, visibility, etc.

Formerly Motiv Solutions Ltd, SHAPE Technologies specializes in connected infrastructure providing engineered IoT and wireless solutions through a fully integrated stack of hardware, data and software services allowing our customers to monitor, control and analyse their assets.

Formerly NUKOR Industries and NUKOR Rentals Ltd, SHAPE Energy is a premier essential service provider to NZ’s leading blue-chip organisations. Our core services include compressed air, power generation, industrial compressed gases and renewable energy systems.

Chris Harper

Solutions Architect

To say that Shape Energy is just another compressor company is to sell us short. The mindset of our staff is to focus on doing the right thing; with years of experience and passion in varying fields we can own all facets of the business and deliver a diverse offering. We have a fun workplace where we all want to be the best versions of ourselves.