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SHAPE recognises that the power of our organisation is realised through the success of its people, which is why we have selected, grown and fostered the very best humans in our fields. Our people are each ambassadors of the SHAPE Group values, mission and vision and contribute to the long term sucess through their every day actions, whether big or small.
Hideaki Fukutake

Director of Benesse Holdings, Inc., Berlitz International , efu Investment Ltd, Still Ltd and recently-Shape Group Ltd.

Paul Cameron

Lead for Business Acquisition & Growth at Still. Responsible for the Still 100 programme growth.

Andrew Edwards

With extensive experience in both organic and acquisition growth strategies and is well known in the infrastructure space

Matthew Bayley

Leads the process for business acquisitions for Still, supervising the process from due diligence, negotiation and financing.

John Gell
Group Manager - Business Development

Extensive systems engineering knowledge and experience allows John to spot technology solutions and bring to bear quickly.

Billy Aucamp
Group Manager - Commercial and Finance

Strong believer of applying commercial solutions to complex accounting problems and vice versa.

Duncan Chisholm
General Manager - Shape Technology

Specializing in the deployment of networks, devices and software solutions, working with the best of the best in the industry

Steven Dirven
CTO - Shape Technology

Trusted engineer that brings value to customers and organisations through data that speaks truth and solutions.

Manaaks Pivac
Operations Manager - Shape Energy

Operates a very agile and lightweight management team which can easily integrate with client’s and met their needs.

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Steven Dirven


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