About Shape

Shape Group Limited was formed by STILL Ltd in 2021 to build an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in smarted, connected enduring sustainable infrastructure. We provide a full service range including engineer, design, build, operate, finance and maintain infrastructure assets in all of the markets we operate.


To lead the future of NZ infrastructure.


To work alongside New Zealand organisations to provide them with leading edge technology and the capability to build clean, smart, connected, and resilient infrastructure



We always value our work.

Fun Matters

Fun Matters

We turn up with a passion for our work.

Think Different

Think Different

We embrace our difference in thought.

Human First

Human First

We do not judge a book by its cover.

Shape Clients

Love Customers

We cultivate lasting business relationships.

Start by Starting

Start by Starting

We are not afraid to give things a try.

Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

We strive to do our best no matter what.​

Own It

Own It

We step up while other step back.

The SHAPE Whanau consists
of personnel across a mix of roles

This includes administrative, technical, professional services, trades, and problem solvers. All of these people come together to provide the best solution to every problem that ourselves and our clients face. SHAPE places great emphasis on training and people development as well as support for the communities in which we serve. SHAPE places people first. Our work's power comes from it's ability to better connect people to the world around them.

We are drawn to brave leadership,
small teams and risky projects

We like the grey areas, the unknowns, and finding new solutions that take time to percolate. We enjoy creating great big change from many interrelated little acts. Most of our projects will be small, so that they can embrace change. Smallness also enables brave leadership which, in a niche market, eclipses the orthodoxies of competition, mass marketing and corporate bureaucracy. The focus of our vision will be narrow, so we may deeply penetrate the markets into which we serve. Our work is often in the background, secretly enabling enabling the communities we touch across a range of disciplines. That is the power of our work. The power to help others to bloom.

SHAPE believes that our company success is directly dependant on the success of our people, it is connected and dependant.

We seek to attract and retain the very best people through a range of benefits and opportunities that we can offer as a vibrant and successful New Zealand company. We know that the success and happiness of our whanau will ultimately lead to the happiness of our clients and the success of our organisation. Our leaders are focussed on training, mentoring, and developing our staff to ensure we continuously enhance the skills, experiences and enjoyment of our organisation. We create an amazing place to work, filled with nation leading culture and opportunities that create a true sense fulfilment and purpose in our staff.

SHAPE is passionate about growing, stretching, and developing staff.

This is through ongoing experiences, training, and opportunity to reach new potential. We provide real world leadership training through doing. One of our core values you will often hear is “Start by starting”, which gives each person the approval to give new ideas a try, to be bold, to challenge the norm and to stand up and be heard in your own unique way. We aim to build a community of leaders, creating a new world of smart, clean, and connected infrastructure that will improve the lives of all Kiwis.

Culture is not something that can be structured, bought or directed from a hierarchy

It is the true embodiment of the company’s ethics, values and ideals that our staff live by, and hold others to account. Good culture is a sign of good business, we know this from experience. We hope you come to learn and value the consideration that our entire team strives toward, in the effort to uphold our great culture. You have been selected, as you have shown us you hold the same kiwi values in yourself, and you are ready to become a true Patron of the SHAPE whanau.

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Duncan Chisholm

General Manager

Ive always enjoyed problem solving and have huge admiration for people that not only solve problems but become masters of their trade. There is an elegance in watching someone make something look so effortless. The Shape Technology team are masters at creating hardware and software solutions for our customers that enable them to excel in their industry. Seeing our team in action and the result for the customer is immensely satisfying and I enjoy knowing that our technology plays a part in the industries where our customers are masters of their trade.